For 50 years I have been working to better my community though activism and advocacy. I participated in my first civil rights march in the mid 60s, then anti war marches, women’s rights marches, LGBTQ rights events, and environmental events.

Nina Deerfield at Palomar CollegeI taught at the United Nations Montessori school in New York and had a ran a small Montessori school in London in the early 70s. I worked in the film business in London, bought films for distribution from Eastern Europe for Contemporary Films, produced independent films and exhibited films at the Gate Cinema. I ran The Embassy Club in London in the late 70s and early eighties. I have trained and taught Chinese martial arts for decades, was President of an international tai chi association, I am honorary chairperson of the association and was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame in 2006. Went to Europe in 1971 and stayed there studying and then working until 1986, when I moved to So Cal with my husband who was originally from LA. We had one daughter in 1988 and she just received her PhD in the UK. I attended the University of Minnesota and graduated from the Montessori College in London.

My local political involvement truly began in response to the many issues related to our local educational system. The fight became personal when my daughter was enrolled in Escondido Charter High School.  As a result of this, I began working with a statewide ballot initiative with a group named Voices Against Privatization. I began attending both school board meetings and city council meetings in 2005 and then joined the local democratic club in 2013.

I was also inspired to start a community based bilingual newspaper, Alianza, to help educate voters on the issues within our North County communities. I also participate and am a member of Occupy Escondido, ACLU , immigration reform events, a homeless advocacy group, the environmental group Escondido Chamber of Citizens, I founded a local LGBTQ teen support group and we have a booth at the local street fair twice a year, I was VP of Political Action 2014-2016 for Escondido Dem Club, I am a member of Rancho Santa Fe Dem Club, Lake San Marcos Dem Club, the North County Caucus and an IMG_2118 (1)alternate on the Central Committee. I was honored with the Making a Difference Award this year at the Roosevelt dinner. I have worked with a number of local and national candidates on their campaigns.

I have been dedicated to progressive causes throughout my life. The issues that I care most deeply about include a healthy food source with labeling being an essential part of that, $15 minimum wage, saving our environment, immigration reform, equity in education, and women’s issues. I am most concerned about losing our public schools, from kindergarten through community colleges. Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy and it is the only way we will have well-educated voters for our future.